MindLogics Overview

MindLogics is a well-known and highly experienced New York-based ingenious company. They have a team of skilled engineers, analyst, designers, developers and digital marketing experts that modernize the field of IT. They are delivering ideas in order to fire the imagination and push the boundaries within digital space.
We create fully functional and engaging websites for your business so that you can run your business successfully and easily approach your targeted customers crosswise the globe. We always make very cost-effective websites. We firstly think about our customer’s budget and provide best results considering their needs and requirements. This thing makes us different from other IT consultancy companies and gives us an edge on other competitors.
In MindLogics you don’t only get your design, code, development and digital marketing services, but at the same time, we promise you that we take your company forward and make it successful. Our experienced and highly professional team of developers conscientiously struggles to accomplish your requirements. Our all solutions are very cost-effective and high in quality.
In MindLogics we have assembled a team of creative designers, developers, digital marketers, communications experts, project managers and enterprise developers who are some of the best within the industry. We love working closely together in teams, sharing ideas and expertise. We regularly produce the best quality projects. Our specific niche market lies in the fact that we thoroughly understand new technologies to assist you and obtain your business objectives.
With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, MindLogics specializes in creating customized solutions for our clients as well as providing top-notch IT consultancy service. We service a number of industries. Our dedicated team of professionals cater to your every need right from the concept stage till the execution phase. Our experts understand that all businesses are unique and must be catered to accordingly. We believe in working synergistically with all our clients to provide the best possible service.

Vision & Mission

MindLogics has a strong vision of getting success and giving success by taking easy and effective step. The main vision of MindLogics is “If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.” MindLogics never want their client go for compromise so they always provide you with the most reasonable and highly effective solutions.


MindLogics has a team of highly experienced and well trained people that know how to deal with every business situations and what solution will be best suit for which business. Our persons behind the job titles make the company truly great. We have highly responsible team that is a mandatory for any software company.


Our clients can communicate with us easily using multiple mediums like phone, email, IMs, skype to get real-time updates and support. We create every possible ease for our client whether it is regarding communication or any other issue. “Customer service shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company


Our approach is fairly simple and practical using which we adopt tested methods and processes to ensure that they stand up to the expectations and needs of our clients. “Good development requires not just talkers but doers.

Why Mindlogics

We all well aware that there are many highly skilled software development companies but the first and foremost thing for any software company to get fame is customer satisfaction. The best thing that revolutionizes us from other software companies is our passion for our customer care and secondly our keenness towards developing fully functional and very helping solutions that cover all the customer’s needs and requirements. and our motto is
Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement

Award Winning Company

MindLogics has proved itself to be the best company having experience of about ten years or more. MindLogics has provided its extraordinary services. The highly qualified design, development and digital marketing team of MindLogics have created such amazing award-winning websites that are fully functional and design in such a manner that it will surely take your business to the next level of success. By providing excellent solutions for your business and satisfying numerous customers. MindLogics has a proven track record on the world’s leading platforms to work with a 100% satisfaction rate.

Responsive & Communicative

We keep our self always connected to our customers so that we can give 100% satisfaction and will follow each and every detail. We respond to all your emails, phone calls and messages on the same day. We are very well aware that if we want to run any project successfully for this purpose communication is very necessary so for that purpose we keep our client up to date. We keep them in discussion and show the daily progress on their projects. If you have any query just buzz us and we will reply instantly.

Focused and Result Oriented

We have a well-trained team of designers and developers that stay focused on their tasks and follow all the guidelines very keenly. You will find us very focused and result oriented from the very first day to the final delivery of the project. We take a careful approach to each project by focusing on your business goals and achieve them. We make our clients highlighted from crowed. You will never regret choosing us for your project. We will not only follow your details with full focus, but we will also provide you with the best results within the given time frame in a very cost-effective manner.

Skilled & Experienced experts

We have a team of designers, developers, digital marketing experts, project managers and business analysts who are some of the best in the industry. We always keep learning and growing using the latest technologies to build “Successful” projects. We openly discuss and appreciate in discussions. Our experts are truly great to work with and exactly like the people you’d love. Our dedicated team of professionals cater to your every need right from the concept stage till the execution phase. Our experts understand that all businesses are unique and must be catered to accordingly. We believe in working synergistically with all our clients to provide the best possible service.

Your Long-Term Partner

MindLogics always prove itself as a long-term partner. We have a history of achieving deadlines, staying on budget, and having high-level client satisfaction. Most of our clients awarded us with their 5-Star rating for outstanding service and quality. We always prove ourselves to be the best addition in your business by providing demanded results. We have always developed solutions for our customers that have given a 100% success rate in their business. By providing extraordinary services we engaged our client’s towards us and this is the main reason we have long term relationships with our clients.

Your 100% Ownership

After completing the whole project we firstly thoroughly check every functionality and satisfy the client and after that handover 100% ownership of their project to them. We provide our customers with a copy of all custom designs and programming source files, which we create for them without any additional fee. We DON’T charge any hidden fee; you will get a detailed “Business Proposal” outlining all costs upfront. Each and every necessary detail regarding their project will be handed over to our client. If they further need any help on their project we are always welcome them.

Business Models for Design & Development

We follow the particular best strategies and policies to offer the right business models intended for our various customers. Sometimes, our clients don’t have a clear picture of the right Business Models in their minds. With this point, we carefully inspect the requirements of the project, the methods necessary to complete the job plus the amount of period that will be put in it. Accordingly, we advise the customers to one of the subsequent models:

Fixed Price Costing Model

If the project requirements are clearly defined and outline by a customer, then the fixed price costing model is the ideal one. We prepare a detailed quotation after review customer requirements and send specific prices inside which we carry on to complete project analysis, design, development, digital marketing and quality assurance services. In this model, we also define time and milestones to get the project complete. For any changes that occur during the project execution, we revise the scope of work and send it to the client for approval.

Dedicated Resources Approach

At MindLogics, our clients can work with graphic designers, website designers, HTML coders, PHP developers, ROR developers, mobile app developers, digital marketing experts, social media marketing experts, content writers, project managers and quality assurance engineers at a fixed monthly cost. Using this approach companies choose highly skilled and qualified team members to work on all their regular projects. Resources may be hired part-time(40, 60, 80 hours) and full-time(160 hours) basis.

Time and Material Approach

If the client is certainly not sure about project scope and functionality then time and material-based approach become the correct option. In this business model, the client pays in line with the number of man-hours that have been put into the job. MindLogics keep record almost all of the consumed hours with comprehensive task details to be present the clients. We issue weekly invoices for this approach. This is the best approach for the bigger projects where iterative design and development life cycle involved.

Skills & Technologies

The company has hired the best professionals who are having knowhow of many different skills and technologies, who can blend innovations and creativity

Adobe Creative










React Native




Android Java

Native iOS Swift





















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